Your Road Map to Homeownership

1. Prequalify


Now you are getting serious. Once you have chosen a lender you will meet with a loan officer. There is a homework checklist of what you will need to bring at the bottom of this page. Southwest Funding will pre-qualify you using the monthly payment you feel comfortable with, not what the bank thinks you can afford. You will be pre-qualified through an automated approval system.

2. Sign a Purchase Agreement


Once you have found a home you will need to sign a contract and put down a deposit. When the contact is accepted, the contract will need to be given to your lawn officer. Your loan officer will need to meet with you again to sinn disclosures specific to the property. 

3. Loan Submission & Underwriter Initial Review


The is when all the information we have gathered is sent to an underwriter for review. 

After all the document information is verified, the underwriter will give a conditional approval. Conditions will have to be met and other documents will be required. Appraisal, title, and insurance will be ordered at this time.

4. Resubmission of Conditions


When all conditions have been collected, they will be resubmitted back to the underwriter for review. At this point, any additional materials will be requested. 

5. Clear to Close


The underwriter will sign off on conditions requested. When all have been completed, a clear to close will be given. The Lender will verify you are still employed and get the file ready for closing.  

6. Closing


The beset and final part is the closing. Documents will be prepared and sent to the title company you will choose. A date and time will be set for you to sign all your legal documents that will make you a homeowner. 

Pre-Qualify Homework Checklist:

These items and documents will need to be provided to start your loan process.

  • Tax Returns for the last two years.
  • W2's for the last two years. 
  • Bank Statements for the past 60 days (all accounts, all pages)
  • Paystubs for the past 30 days.
  • Copy of the Driver's License.
  • Copy of the Social Security Card.
  • Copy of the last statement of any assets. 
  • Copy of awards letter (if on social security or disability income)


  • Current Profit and Loss Statement
  • Corporation tax returns for the past two years. 


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