Posted on: 06/18/2013

Changing rates have made things confusing for a lot of us. Would it be worth refinancing to get a better rate? That depends on a number of factors, and I’d be happy to meet with you to review your individual circumstances, but in the meantime I came across a great chart to give you an idea of what your savings could be. 


You can take a look at it HERE.


As always, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call to discuss your options.





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My husband and I signed a “Bond for Deed” on our dream home, and had a two year deadline for financing it.

Our loan was such a challenge because of the “Bond for Deed” and we ran into every obstacle imaginable.

Steve was by our side every step of the way and was extremely knowledgeable and caring.

Steve was with us to the very end and had the pleasure of handing us the key to our dream home.

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